ATC Instructor

AvSec · Mogadishu, Somalia
Department AvSec
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Manager/Supervisor
Compensation Depending on qualification and experience


Title: ATC Instructor

Type: Full-Time Employee

Duty Location: Mogadishu, Somalia

Requirements: Candidate Must Have or Be Able to Obtain a Somali Work Permit

Role Overview

This position will be responsible, in conjunction with the Air Navigation Services Manager, for coordinating and providing On the Job Training to controllers at Aden Adde International Airport to a level that will enable them to carry out Air Traffic duties in accordance with ICAO regulations and standards as outlined in ICAO Doc 10056 (Manual on Air Traffic Controller Competency Based Training and Assessment). The training will incorporate the six air traffic controller ratings listed in Annex 1. These include:

   > Aerodrome control (ADC) rating;
   > Approach control procedural rating (APP);
   > Approach control surveillance rating (APS);
   > Area control procedural rating (ACP);
   > Area control surveillance rating (ACS); and
   > Approach precision radar control rating (APRC).


The objective of the training is to ensure the acquisition and maintenance of competencies by trainees to enable them to perform as an Air Traffic Controller and to further move to a different working position, acquire additional rating; or advance their career. This will be achieved through the delivery of initial training, operational training, On the Job Training and continuation training in order to increase knowledge and skills and/or prepare for new technologies which may include conversion training and refresher training.

In conjunction with the SCAA’s Air Navigation Services Manager, the Instructor will:

    > Identify the training needs for the controllers, which can be covered through OJT or
    additional formal training if required.

    > Develop training objectives, prepare curriculum, and deliver training programs for SCAA Air
    Traffic Control personnel.

    > Evaluate, research, and gather information on existing training methods and identify ways to
    increase knowledge and enhance capacity of ATC controllers in order to provide a safe and
    efficient traffic control management system for AAIA.

    > Carry out OJT to meet the ICAO required standards and award ‘competency’ certification to
    the controllers on completion of the OJT.

    > Assist in organizing and facilitating regular working meetings for donor representatives with
    key SCAA officials in order to discuss, review training progress and maintain the minutes
    and records of these meetings.

    > Act as a lead facilitator and ensure administrative norms and training plans are developed and
    implemented within agreed timeframes with SCAA specialist staff.

   > Act as a course presenter/subject matter expert as needed.

   > Submit course evaluation reports at the end of each course, identifying problem areas and
    making suggestions for improvements within 10 days of course completion.

Preferred Level of Experience

The ATC instructor will be required at a minimum to deliver the following:

  1. ICAO Aviation English Level 4: Initial and refresher.
  2. ICAO 051: Air Traffic Services General, Air Law, Communications, Meteorology, Navigation, Radio and Navigation Aids, Aircraft Performance and Operations, Aviation Language, Human Factors, Flight Deck, Radar Introduction.
  3. ICAO 052: The Aerodrome and its Environs, Runways and Associated Areas, Runway Strips, Selection of Runway-in-use, Taxiways and their Strips, Runway and Taxiway Markings, Areas and Surfaces Unsuitable for use by Aircraft, Aerodrome Lighting systems, Operation of Aeronautical Ground Lights, Wake Turbulence, Runway Visual Range Procedures.
  4. ICAO 053: Air traffic management, Approach control procedural management, Separation standards, Data display, IFR & VFR operations, Abnormal and emergency situations.
  5. ICAO 054: Air traffic management, Approach radar control theory, Radar control theory, Vectoring and sequencing skills, Data display, IFR, SVFR, VFR operations, Data display, Abnormal and emergency situations.
  6. ICAO 055: Air traffic management, Area procedural control theory, Separation standards, Data display, Abnormal and emergency situations.
  7. Human Factors Course: The Evolution of ATC, The Controller’s Workspace, Automation in ATC, Selection and Training of ATC Controllers, The Human Element.
  8. PBN Basic Course: Document Review, Area Navigation, PBN Concept, Terminal Operations together with PBN procedure design considerations, Introduction of CDO/CCO, ATS route and waypoint implementation, Flight Plan, Mixed mode operations, ATC Interface, Phraseologies, PBN procedure implementation constraints, Contingency procedures, Procedure connection issues.
  9. ATC Supervisor Course: Leadership Styles, Behavioral Characteristics, Communicating, Motivation, Delegating/Giving Orders, Building Better Teams, Making Meetings.
  10. Train the Trainer Course: ICAO Annex 1 – Personnel Licensing, ICAO Manual on Air Traffic Controller Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA), Unit Training Plan, OJTI Selection & Qualities, Learning, OJTI Stages & Questioning Techniques, Briefing, Feedback & De-Briefing, Communication, Errors, Correction & Instructor Intervention, Assessments, Reports & Note Taking
  11. Competency Assessor Course: ICAO Annex 1 - “Personnel Licensing”, ICAO Manual on Air Traffic Controller Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA), Safety Management Systems, Safety Culture & Human Factors, Unit Training Plan & Unit Competency Programs, Competency Assessor Qualifications & Qualities, Assessments, Briefing & De-Briefing, Questioning Techniques, Notes & Assessment Reports


    > University Degree preferably with Civil Aviation-related disciplines with focus on Air Traffic Management. A minimum of 10 years of experience in Air Traffic Control with appropriate qualifications may be acceptable.

    > At least 5 years’ experience in providing specialist Air Traffic Control Instructional Services is mandatory.

    > Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in developing, managing and/or operating Air Traffic Control facilities.

    > Previous experience in providing consultancy or training services related to the development of civil aviation sector is highly desirable.

    > Experience in implementing capacity building activities targeting governmental institutions and/or private sector contractors in post conflict countries, is highly desirable.

    > Must possess knowledge of ATC rules, regulations, and techniques of Control Tower operations.

    > Must be able to communicate professionally, orally, and in writing. Meeting or exceeding ICAO English Language Proficiency Requirements of Level 4.

Key Competencies

    > Understanding of conflict zone operational environment.

    > Ability to multi-task and prioritize work schedules.

    > Innovative forward thinking with an energetic and positive approach to work.

    > Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

    > Proficiency in usage of computers and office software packages. Good working knowledge of MS Office applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), e-mail and able to easily navigate the               Internet.

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  • Location
    Mogadishu, Somalia
  • Department
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    Depending on qualification and experience